Butchers & Bakers Equipment Recycling

Colwick’s purpose built WEEE recycling centre is built to handle the safe and effective recycling of the full range of equipment used in the butcher’s and baker’s trade, including

  • Meat slicers
  • Mincing machines
  • Cold stores
  • Bakery mixers
  • Bread ovens
  • Fridges and freezers

We can, by arrangement, take delivery of any quantity of butcher’s and bakery WEEE at our recycling centre – alternatively we can also organise the collection of individual items or arrange regular collections of any quantity from abattoirs and the kitchens of businesses, public bodies, hospitals, schools and universities.

Every piece of waste equipment that we process is provided with a Waste Transfer Note – confirming that it has been transported and disposed of in an environmentally friendly and fully WEEE-compliant way.

On arrival at Colwick’s recycling centre, every piece of WEEE is logged and processed in accordance with the WEEE regulations – dangerous chemicals and materials are removed for safe disposal, useful materials such as metals, glass and plastics are recovered and processed so that they can be used again in the manufacturing of brand new products.

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